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Phil Nichol te zien in Club Haug

Zaterdag 11 maart is de Schots-Canadeze comedian Phil Nichol te zien in Comedy Club Haug met zijn show ‘Your Wrong’.

“Phil Nichol: Your wrong. Trump. Your wrong. Brexit. Your wrong. Facebook. Your wrong. Tinder. Your wrong. Religion. Your wrong. Fashion. Your wrong. Grammar. YOUR WRONG!

At 19 years of age Phil’s brother Andrew had a severe car accident that left him in a coma for 5 weeks. This is the story of the faith, the family, the pain, the love and the reality of the limits in medical science for the Nichol family. We are being watched. Whether it’s the grammar Nazi’s on the internet, the court of public opinion in the media, the government through our smart phones, the aliens from deep in the crust of the moons of Jupiter, or by God himself, we are being monitored. The pressure to ‘get it right’ is tremendous! RIGHT?

Your Wrong questions the nature of understanding and explores our modern day need to be 100% right about everything even it means regurgitating misinformation, believing the unbelievable or just plain lying. Your Wrong wants you to gently question your beliefs or at least look at how you came to have them in the first place
Your Wrong wants to make you laugh and think in equal measure. And you’ll laugh a lot.”

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